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Stack-A-Pots Planter

AU$ 42.75


Freestanding, self-watering, bright and quirky stacking Planters

These Stacking Planters are a busy person's best friend in the garden. Ideal for city living, small patios, decks, apartments, perfect for renters. If you are short on horizontal space, go vertical!  Save time, water and effort - Grow plants at an easy working height; no bending or kneeling to plant, tend and harvest, perfect for gardeners with mobility issues, no weeds and fewer pests, too - create a compact organic garden almost anywhere.  These unique pots, invented and patented in Newcastle NSW, are just right for growing a herb garden, salad greens, mini veggies, strawberries and flowers, and are a creative activity for children. Eat fresh straight from your own garden. Create stunning displays, the complete Indoor - Outdoor garden! 

Contents:  3 Pots, Base Tray, set up in minutes + Free Seeds.  34W x 36H cm.