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Coir Jiffy Pellets

AU$ 7.49

Jiffy Coir Pellets are made from compressed 100% all natural, bio-degradable coir from coconut husk fibres, a sustainable environmentally friendly by-product of the coconut harvest and a good use of a ‘waste’ product.  Coir pellets are a great planting medium for starting seeds or propagating cuttings, coir is disease, weed and  pest free giving your seedlings and cuttings the best possible healthy start.  The Pellets form pot and soil in one, making transplanting very easy and resulting in healthier plants. Coir has an almost neutral pH level - a measure of the acidity and alkalinity in soils - which works well for the majority of herbs and vegetables. Simply add water to these compressed coir pellets and watch as they quickly transform into pots ready for you to sow seeds or propagate cuttings.  Quick and easy Water - Sow - Grow!


Pack of 24 x 25mm Coir Jiffy Pellets and Instructions Plus free seeds.