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Mini Garden Tool Set + Gloves

AU$ 8.00

Shovel, Spade and Rake.  Tools have metal heads and wooden handles.

Durable and easy to use, have the right tools on hand whether you are transplanting your seedlings, digging, planting or weeding. Ideal for Stack-A-Pots Planters, Raised Garden Beds, Pots, and other small area indoor and outdoor gardens.  A perfect gift for the green thumbed or learner gardeners.

Shovel 21.5 cm

Spade 22.5 cm

Rake  18.0 cm


These Soft Jersey 100% Cotton gloves with Knit Wristband are anti-skid, garden and workplace safe, are excellent to wear for weeding, fiddly jobs, and for all your gardening and outdoor work.