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Small Space Container Gardens 

Container gardens are an attractive, inexpensive and  fun way for urban residents to produce organically grown herbs, salad greens, veggies and strawberries almost anywhere. Whether it's an apartment balcony, a backyard patio, an urban courtyard, or even the edges of a driveway, all you need is a space with a few hours of daily sunlight to grow an outdoor container garden.  Growing herbs pays off in the enjoyment of their flavours, aromas and visual pizzaz.  One or two Tiny Tim Tomatoes and a Bush Basil plant will grow in a 30cm square garden with the right care.  Imagine what you could grow in a 60cm space!  Arrange potted herbs on a sunny windowsill, or place a Stack-A-Pots planter near your kitchen door.

Growing your herbs and vegetables in containers has many advantages, and regardless of the size of your home, there’s always room for a pot or two on the balcony or some attractive containers.  If you are short on horizontal space, go vertical!  Stack-A-Pots Planters are just 35 cms in diameter yet stack up to 6 pots high, allowing you ample space for an organic herb and salad garden, or your favourite herbs and some mini vegetables. The Planters are ideal as a decorative feature, and perfect for frustrated gardeners living in high rise apartments, town houses, retirement villages. Great for the elderly and less mobile.  

Making a pasta dish and need some basil, oregano or marjoram? Do you need a few leaves of lettuce or rocket, or cherry tomatoes for a salad or a sandwich?  Grow your favourite herbs and enjoy them year round, enjoy the freshness of lettuce and miniature tomatoes, simply clip some right off the plants, you will never get any fresher!  Container gardens are very easy to manage, and are ideal for renters.  Although most herbs grown in Australia today are hardy, easy care plants, well suited to container growing, they need lots of light, adequate sunlight and water, effective drainage, healthy soil, and an occasional feed with organic fertiliser to ensure good growth and flavour. 

Fresh herbs are packed with many minerals and vitamins as well as flavour, and are an essential ingredient in our everyday meals as well as gourmet dishes - if you have ever watched an Australian Master Chef, or Jamie Oliver program for instance, you will see that fresh herbs are always on hand, whether for a crisp salad or slow cooked dish.  From Jamie Oliver: "Few things will step up your cooking quite like having fresh herbs to hand".

Grow a Salsa Garden

Gardening with a theme is a fun way to anticipate the taste of the harvest. With delicious meals in mind, home gardeners are sure to put all of their produce to good use.  Bright cherry capsicums, chilli and bite-sized tomatoes with essential leafy herbs coriander, parsley and oregano growing among them.  Now imagine picking these fresh organic vegetables and herbs that you grew from seeds and turning them into delicious salsa.  Can you taste it?  Why not utilise all available space for one purpose and grow a Salsa themed garden using your Salsa Garden Kit?  Once you've sampled home-made Salsa, you will never again buy it from a store!

Organic Potting Mix for Growing Your Herbs and Vegetables

20 litres good quality potting mix
10 litres quality compost
800g chicken manure pellets
200g blood and bone 

Mix all together and store in a sealed container.  The following may also be added to the mix but are not essential, especially if you prefer to use a liquid organic fertiliser

1 teaspoon trace element mix –Manutec Soluble Powder, available Bunnings.  

4 cups coir husk, helps with drainage and aeration - CycoCoco Bitz, availablehttps://aquagardening.com.au  or 4 cups coarse river sand.


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